Saturday, October 26, 2013


  Now at school everything is digital, no paper registers any more. And the digital legal signature. The absurdity is to call it signature when for a signature you generally need a pen with which you produce letters, in other words you need write! In this case you click. You click-sign on your name, No words for that. Maybe an adjective. Ridicule, And another. Insubstantial. The virtual world is more and more a baseless fabric, a sense of no ground under your feet.

A dramatically increased volatility of being. More than an unbearable lightness. Where are we going, in any field, with the progress of digital dictatorship?

I have just sent this text message to a colleague:

Digital signature and all,
what can I tell?
An endless fall
into a bottomless well.


illuminations said...

Hi David, first internet connection after hospital.
Deep nostalgia for our conversations about books and poetry.
Sorry for my english.


P.S. Nessuna nostalgia per il nostro registro elettronico e virtuale...

Crafty Green Poet said...

Digital signatures are the biggest absurdity of the digital world...