Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It’s middle May and they
are on time, along the railway line
and in the fields, earth’s skin
letting out its drops of blood,
waving and wavering,
a light, grateful swarming load.
Their petals, blood-lit, flimsy souls,
seem to have alighted by chance,
a god scattering the crimson dots
of his countenance in advance.
They are drunk with the veins of the sun,
fingered by any infinitesimal breath,
clustering in the heat of the railroad tracks,
crowding the shiny sides of the iron lines,
they chatter and applaud, just slightly torn
when our wheels flash and swarm.
They do not last much but, unlike blood,
they do not dry and fade like memory’s trade
but they shuffle off, are shaken away
by the windy breath of one more day.
And these words, so easily reddening
can’t but imitate their enthusiasm
conscious to be, like anything,
just bubbles of a wave in a chasm.


Dave King said...

Some really vivid images here. Top drawer.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely, it's always wonderful to see the poppies, they always seem so fragile, yet they are tenacious too