Thursday, May 9, 2013


Words come, like this
and you simply enjoy their taste even if
you are not really sure of what they mean.
And do not find them in the dictionary.
Beloved ghosts, beloved ribbons.
They give you an image, almost
for the hell of it, almost
shrugging their shoulders,
through the enduring
babbling bubbles of syllables.
Then the image can just
fly away, they don’t mind.
In the wind, in the wind-
they laugh and sigh.
Words you have repeated
for ages and in between stages,
first as a child, when they settled
in the interstices of days and skies,
and seasons. They still ring,
become at one with the texture
of your own smile in things.
Mantras in life’s stanzas,
with no consistence
and no consequence,
shiny maybe just for this.
They have always made you
feel both foolish and divine,
brandishing the illusion,
the beribboned flashing of life.


Dave King said...

I find it amusing sometimes tp break such words at different points to extract other meanings from them. Sometimes I do it inadvertently! So for me, an entertaining verse, cleverly constructed - and with maybe more depth than at first apparent.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I find that a lot with words in foreign languages