Saturday, March 2, 2013


Gods in swarming intangibility
their predilection in fluctuation,
protean stares in hidden codes
subtexts, subjunctives, understatements,
tightrope whispers surfing
under layers of glass and plastic
and wires in empires of elastic
hidden, interspersed imperatives
nobody sees but many try to sense,
in the dense amnesias of coincidence,
it’s never clear to what extent they govern
or are governed, exploiters exploited,
stares in lounging huge halls
in a wilderness of screens
taking the air by the scruff of its neck
trimming screams., alarming alarms,
face to face and back to back.
Feel any harm?

1 comment:

Dave King said...

protean stares in hidden codes

This powerful line took hold of me right at the beginning. The language is dense and I shall return when I have more time to spend, but already I am hooked. Well done.