Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Small, busy steps,
up and down the road,
laces undone, I said “careful,
she can stumble on them”,
but mother said almost merrily”
well..if she falls she learns..”
Mother was tough
but daughter not less
and she didn’t fall,
it seemed she would stumble
but definitely stood,
her voice tumbling around,
while, almost unnoticed,
she kept unzipping her mother’s boots..
( once and twice and three times and more
in that child’s eternity I have left behind…)
“Shut up” mother said zipping her own boots back,
with eternity’s patience,
“I am talking to an old friend..”
Mother sounding, like her daughter,
very matter-of-fact.
The climax happened not much later
when mother looked at me
with a great fun in her gaze and said:
“Look at her eyes, see how
she is, just a little, squeezing them,
that’s when
she is pooing.. in her nappy..”
And, instinctively, we at once
turned our gaze away to allow her privacy.
A bit later while I was telling mother
the latest calamities of my life
daughter kept trying to intervene
shouting brand-new shouts of strife…
And I felt it, only a little then,
but I feel it fully now,
no matter what, life goes on
and it’s always great how.

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Dave King said...

A VERY moving poem, beautifully rounded off by its conclusion.