Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Or blog friends.. some of you email friends, sometimes I wonder if we are all
nothing but voices, written voices basically.
Only two of you I met once in separate circumstances and places.
One looked young in her voice and looked small and sprightly,
her words on the screen had painted that picture of her to me.
The person I met was tall and imposing, not a sprightly girl but a great mother.
And the other…
well, for a year, I thought I was going to meet a man, that name to my ears, Daniel,
sounded male. Fortunately I came across the photo before the meeting.
A young woman, in the photo ,a young, loud, enthusiast woman ( and” man” before…I had to adjust my feelings..) and in the words.
But time had passed, the photo was old, she was now a gentle lady in her middle age.
And her voice: her words  had painted to me a thrilling, loud tone. None of that. None.
Her voice was instead solemn and sober and low.
What a simple gap, what a clear wide gulf between a voice on a screen
and an actual human being.
Is  this all too obvious, close to the famous “nothing is what seems”?
Allow me now to conclude with a quote
that can or can’t be, an appropriate note:
“Between the idea
And the reality
Falls the Shadow.”
Maybe no gap is ever too obvious.


Dave King said...

Everything you write here is true enough. We never know for sure who it is we are addressing or reading. But then on which side of the shadow is the idea (presumably our mistaken idea?) and on which side the reality?

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Thank you David, these questions of yours are as powerful as impossible to answer. The best questions that can be asked.