Saturday, November 24, 2012


Impeccable language the layer’s
sitting in front, helping me
with all that’s necessary
to be simple, precise, unequivocal.
Other words almost amusingly
flash in my mind while I write:
“The legal clarity of the sky”.
Sunlight is filtering
through the white curtains
and spreading on the spacious
thick oak table
and in the lawyer’s gaze,
a gorgeous woman by the way,
who is concentrated on my paper,
dictating me, translating actually
my wishes into legality.
Translating, transmuting I dare say
words into the unknown,
into the not yet,
it’s funny how we are cordially
smiling and laughing in this office,
with our looks projected
beyond the body.
And it’s funny that I feel,
while cruising through the impalpable,
that something is being accomplished,
sailing to a great full stop.
I have always loved my own writing,
its legibility, its sliding on the paper
effortlessly, its weightlessness
out of the body’s weight.
I have almost finished now:
I am writing “In faith”
and my signature.
A clear feather cast
into swarming sunlight.


Dave King said...

The poem has all the qualities it/you rate highly. It, too is clear, gives a sense of effortless accomplishment and weightlessness --not lack of gravitas, though. A resounding triumph.

Brian said...

I was held in instant from the first line to the last.