Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the dictatorship of things on-line

Passwords’ world.
You flick a click.
Confirm or cancel.
Heaven or Hell.
Now they ask me for a new password
to get access to information about my salary,
but they don’t tell me where to get the new password
but showing a tremendous intelligence they underline
that the new password can’t be the old password.
To get to know where to get the new password
I need to fill an on-line form with several obligatory fields,
if I am not wrong one these fields require a password.
But maybe I am wrong, stormed by a password’s throng.
The world within a password, hardly passing a real word.
Words on-line
declining our decline.


Dave King said...

This is just great. It encapsulates something of the experience we all share and resonates particularly with me at the moment as I have been accused of swamping cyberspace with spam and my outgoing email has been blocked. I have been on-line repeatedly, completing forms, telling "them" that I have sent no spam to anyone, only to be asked how I can assure them that it won't happen again! Thanks for treating me to the humour of such situations.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Dave, some months ago I sent you an email with a particular poem, not fit for my blog. Probably you have never received my message with the poem for the reasons you have now mentioned!