Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am glad because I have just received the news that Sierra Nevada Review will publish a poem of mine "Travenanzes", a high valley in the Dolomites ,a very dear place to me.

Sierra Nevada Review is one of the print magazines I most enjoyed, it has published my poems twice. The first time in 2003. The issue on that year had probably the best cover photograph I have ever come across: an Asian child laughing and wearing a huge red plastic bubble, a clown's nose probably, on his own.
I remember that two poems of mine appeared in that issue. And I remember how tactfully the editors corrected a spelling mistake I had made, basically clumsily inventing without knowing a verb that didn't exist : "surveil". I remember they wrote: "we are wondering if you want to invent a new word but maybe you meant "survey" or "unveil"? I apologized, thanking them and saying that that was the least it could happen to one who was writing in his second language..and that I certainly meant "survey".


Dave King said...

All congratulations to you. Wonderful news, much deserved.

Crafty Green Poet said...