Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A broken crane hanging down amongst skyscrapers,
threatening to fall apart,
a very physical Damocles’ sword
beyond metaphor.
I imagine the persisting shrieking of the weather,
a wrathful unframed mouth
disgorging shrapnel after shrapnel of the world,
the gutters exploding in the dark,
the living daylights wiped out in volleys of angry stars,
rubble blazing into sight, roof-beams dangling
juxtaposed like asterisks, shattered flasks
engorging, later, the silence.
A staircase left where a house was,
towering alone, you could walk up on it
climbing into a nowhere.
Questioning the wind
like a dishevelled druid
or a poet stung by
the incomprehensible shards of his lines.


Crafty Green Poet said...

a poignant poetic reaction to the devastation of the hurricane. I had also seen photos of the crane and thought it would be quite a good starting point for a poem

Dave King said...

Great recreation of the devastation. reminded me of blitzed buildings during the war - particularly the stairs to nowhere.