Sunday, August 26, 2012


Friends booked for me in early August "The Taming of the Shrew" at The Globe.
A sheer delight. The taste of The Globe in the very Shakespearian times was given at the beginning as an impromptu ( I hope this word is right! ) extraordinary performance, as an improvised "live" prologue, out of the script, when, the one who would reveal himself as the main actor later, appeared dressed in a contemporary jumpsuit among the standing crowd by the stage and kept on walking staggering onto the stage, looking totally drunk and riotous and then pissed in a corner. It was, not completely clearly, but clearly enough water what gushed forth but...for a few moments I had thought that this sort of wino was a real one. Outstanding act.
Worth writing a poem about it, though very difficult.

And superb the shrew. Great energy, dish-throwing and all that...Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor in the film were two gentle birds in comparison...

And before leaving the theatre I found a jewel, this book: "Will & Me" ( How Shakespeare Took Over My Life ) by Dominic Dromgoogle, the Artistic Director of The Globe theatre.
Unputdownable work.

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Dave King said...

Certainly sounds a great treat. And thanks for the tip re Dromgoogle's book.