Sunday, April 21, 2013


Not saying goodbye to each other, not yet..
I have always enjoyed lingering
a little longer, waiting for a while,
knowing more and more
that it always comes, the time.
On a spring evening, talking about
what’s really important in life,
what must be pursued, longed for,
discovered, grabbed, held tight.
And set on a long, bright path.
A flowering lane.
Finding, for the last minutes,
a new wooden bench embracing a green patch
on the asphalt where cars wait,
where a world shakes hands, pats shoulders, waves.
“Until next time..”
And we, saying that there is no time,
and one is always getting older…, we, just
assessing the obvious, but never too obvious…
being in April at last, on its sweet blade,
cherry blossoms cheering the air
in its swishing, spread-out stare…
and they are just over there,
(I am almost pointing them to you,
the horizon being now so near)
the wishes waiting for their
wisteria moment,
wishes spoken and unspoken,
just spawned and sparkling
in their alluring tasks,
their calls like the swallows’,
trimming shrieks in the air
in the lengthening dusk.
I say to you then “Bye, have a good evening..”
feeling conscious and lost 
in all the day’s final rustling.
“Until next time..” Another spring then,
with a haze to long for..
saying to it an umpteenth yes
and earth in slashing greenness.
Piazzale Roma is Venice "Bus Station", the place, in a way, at the beginning, or end, of the city where cars and buses arrive and can't go any further.


Dave King said...

Like this very much, it easily conveys what I would imagine to be the atmosphere of the Piazzale Roma.
The style is gay (in its older meaning!) and almost seductive. A fine piece.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Bus stations are always places of farewells and goodbyes,