Thursday, January 3, 2013


But..who has really ever managed doing that?
A friend told me that a fried told me that a friend told me...
Tell you what,
it’s a matter of
“believe it or not”.
Moments just happen
in which you believe you can do anything,
in which believing is being.
Full, full stop,
believe it or not.
What you believe in then-and that’s life-
is ready to promise you, if you disregard it,
a terrible strife.
It’s its right and no matter how preposterous
it might be,
you cannot ignore it.
Just a powerful illusion this believing, no more?
But what’s more illusion than life and what for?


Dave King said...

This is so engaging. The use of language rather took me by storm. I intend to come back and read again, in a leisurely way, taking more time. But for now: impressive!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent, particularly the last line!

Glad you enjoyed Hogmanay in Edinburgh!