Saturday, September 15, 2012


I was glad I could come across "Tempest" by Bob Dylan on the very day it appeared all over the world even if this day is nine eleven.
We know he loves all things sounding fateful.
Amongst the wonders in this new album the final two songs are really breathtaking.
The one before the last consists in an apocalyptic series of characters described in the Titanic sinking at the rhythm of a waltz. It's a stunning fourteen minute song reminding of Desolation Row and leaving a feeling of continuity with the great sixties and for me then with my adolescence.
The last song of the album "Roll on John" on John Lennon is a moving dirge.

At the end of it you hear even, interspersed in a line, a "Tiger, tiger burning bright in the forests of the night..." And you simply rejoice.

Dylan and his own myth are still at one then as far as I feel, very alive and kicking.

Times are not changing much. Good.

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Dave King said...

Fab' album, fab' post. I must try to get the album. Thanks for the post.