Thursday, June 14, 2012


You haven’t stopped looking for the chance,
the same of that other age when in the morning
you left home with nothing to do,
a whole day ahead like an empty beach
when you could easily end up drifting along
feeling just lonely and bored.
It was the time when things couldn’t decide
whether to straddle or tiptoe
and steps wanted to be flavoured
while you tried the tune of a half smile
and the appropriate aplomb.
You rang that bell many times in vain
but never gave up hope.
And there was always a day
when you found them all in and they ran down
and left with you towards the beach,
then it was all talks, plans, wind and dunes,
the day stretched with the future,
a busy dog hurrying along sniffing driftwood.
One evening in the twilight
you found a heavy stump of a tree,
large and massive in the wet sand,
with green mould shining on burnt knuckles of bark,
the gorgeous cheekbones of chance.
Dirty, almost useless but you liked it
and everybody helped you bring it home.
That night you looked at it for a long time
savouring accomplishment in the smell of its salt.

And time has passed now. And you smile at that half smile.
While you would like all back in a lightning-bolt.


Elisabeth said...

Poignant and resonant as ever, Davide, this delicious half smile of a memory. You seem to be on a roll at the moment. Is it your summertime that helps? No school these lazy days? Or is it something else?

Dave King said...

I have to go with Elisabeth: it is poignant. I love this:
the gorgeous cheekbones of chance.
The whole poem really sizzled alive at lines like this. Powerful and subtle, very enjoyable.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Thank you Elisabeth and Dave, as ever.
Elisabeth: yes in April and May in particular poems reached me, I do not know why, in a crowded gust which is finished now, I hope not for long.
And yes, lessons at school are over but I will have to lead an examination board here in Venice, fortunately. Not far from St.Mark's Square.