Thursday, June 16, 2011


I found a book today, by sheer chance, strolling by the university bookshop here in Venice: "Dickinson" by Helen Vendler whose name brought me back echoes from Seamus Heaney, from the interviews in "Stepping Stones". I had also recorded Helen Vendler's lecture from Poetry Foundation.
In this book H.Vendler provides the reader with illuminating commentary on 150 poems by Emily Dickinson, I am reading the introduction, I coudn't wait.
I said to myself "why not going to university bookshop today...". Serendipity must be encouraged!

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Elisabeth said...

I agree, serendipity is often the best way to come across the unexpected, Davide.

There's a saying I relish that 'Fortune favours the prepared mind.'

You may not have been looking for the book, but you were ready when you chanced upon it, ready to snap it up.